All the Light we can not see

Hey Guys,

So we’re back (Kinda).

It’s been almost a year, in fact I just received the wordpress acknowledgement of our 1 year anniversary. Well, I guess after 9 months of not blogging it is time to start another attempt to share our lives with you.

all the light

In the beginning of this year I read ‘All the Light we can not see’ by Anthony Doerr. The book has been much hyped all around and the first 5 pages are just comments of famous authors and newspapers going on and on about what a wonderful read it is. Naturally I was intrigued.

Being in France at the time, the story taking place partly in the streets of Paris pulled me in magically. I finished the book within days, reading under the table in school, at home and pretty much anywhere else. It is a fantastic novel with such rich and well developed characters and a rather unexpected story development


Marie-Laure is a young French girl, living with her father in a small apartment in Paris. Her mother died when she was very young and at the age of 6 she started going blind. Every day her father takes her to work in the museum and every night her takes her back home. Yet the time is coming in which she needs to learn to become more independent and slowly her father teaches her to work around her sickness

Then World War 2 breaks out, and everything changes

Werner is a German orphan living with his sister Jutta in a small orphanage. They do not have much and often struggle to bring food onto the table, yet they live in peace. Then Werner finds that he has a hidden talent. He can fix things. He starts out with an old radio but as news of his talent spread, his clients become more and more wealthy.

Then World War 2 breaks out and Werner is supposed to leave this behind.


My opinion:

This book blew me away in every sense of the word. Doerr’s style of writing is magnificent and paints a beautiful picture of struggle and fight in the readers mind. The book is certainly not an easy read but I highly recommend it for anyone who needs  big book on a rainy day!


Lots of Love,



A Little Life

Hey y’all!

Longgggggg time no see!

I would like to apologize on the behalf of Scarlett too, the reason being…. well we’re simply terrible people… I don’t have an excuse, really.

We did post a post like this before, announcing our promise to start blogging again. Well, that didn’t work out, so we’re not promising anything but are trying to start posting again.

I’ll start us off with a book review on “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara, about four young men who graduated from the same college and are struggling to survive in New York City.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.49.44 AM.png

I’m not that far in the book yet, so I can’t really discuss the themes and topics yet, but I will tell you about my first thoughts. Firstly, all of the characters intrigued me and made me want to know every single detail of their life, especially Jude (what happened to him, I need to know!!). I like the different perspectives as Yanagihara focuses on each character individually and starts uncovering their life and secrets bit for bit, which prevents the reader from ever laying the book down.

This is, until now, everything I have to say about the book, but I will keep you updated (I kinda promise, we have exams coming up anyways…)

x C

We are back

Hey y’all!

Guess who’s back, Back again…it’s us

I know you are shocked – This account is still alive…and I didn’t even spend hours looking for my password – GO ME!

So we’ve been gone for quite some time because y’know… life

But we have made it back into the lonely depths of word press and are planning to post as close as regularly as we will get.

If you are reading this… please stay – We LOOVVEEEE youuuuuu

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Hello Everybody!

So I am obsessed. Like I am so obsessed, it can’t possibly be healthy. Like all I wanna do is cry. I have started Supernatural before and stopped again fairly quick. The first time I watched it was in 6th grade, which obviously was way to early and I was terrified for weeks and checked the ceiling of each room before I entered it. I tried again 2 years later in 8th grade, and was still terrified. Now I have started again since I finished 2 Broke Girls and needed a new tv show to binge. AND I AM IN LOVE



The brothers Sam and Dean Winchester were still kids when they lost their mother to a demon. Now grownups they have made it their profession to hunt those “suns-of-bitches” down and kill them or send them back to hell.

My opinion:

I have never before liked scary movies or tv shows, but supernatural has made me change my mind. The fast paced action mixed with a lot of offensive humor and 2 smoking hot protagonists makes it one of my all time favorites.


I recommend this show for anyone who is non-religious and not easily offended. It is quite gory at times and season 3 is rated PG18. Yet it is one of the best shows I have ever seen and something anyone should have at least tried!




Why we aren’t posting

Hello Everybody,

so our account has been very still over the last couple of days for several reasons:

  1. We are on summer break, meaning we don’t spend a lot of time on our computers or writing posts
  2. We are way to lazy to actually write proper high quality material for y’all


So please accept our most sincere apology for this metaphorical silence from our side, and we’ll be back with new material, once school starts again.



-S &