2015 Book Favorites

Y’all don’t even know how much I love books, so picking a favourite will probably be near to impossible. Anyways, here we go:

A definite favorite was “The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair” by Joël Dicker, it’s about a struggling young author with writers block. He decides to visit his old friend and teacher Harry Quebert, who shortly after, gets arrested for killing a young girl he had an affair with. He decides to investigate for his friend, to find out who really killed the girl. As he does, he decides to write a new book about it.

When you see this book, you’ll probably think “heck no”, cause it’s pretty thick. I did have troubles getting into the story because, frankly, it intimidated me too. But as soon as you get into the story, oh my word, it’s SO good! Scary, haunting and truly sad. I was so tangled into the story that I read right through the night and barely put it down, ever.

I’ll continue with an equally awesome book/series. If you like fantasy, badass-ness, a little romance and a splash of history, I really really recommend the “Throne of Glass” series by Sarah J. Mass. It goes on for 4 books, and a fifth one is awaited. It’s basically about a kick ass girl assassin who must become the King’s champion to get out of slavery. Throughout the books you’ll learn some terrifying secrets about her heritage… This series just sucks you in and lets you spin around a hurricane a few times, most definite a must read!

Those are the two main highlights of the year, and I hope you’ll be busy reading them in the next few days..no pressure or anything:)

x C


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