2015 Food Favorites!

Yes, yes, yes, my favorite topic….food! Although this kills me deep inside, I will only share a couple of the food highlights in 2015.

Naked cakes. Sounds gross, looks gorgeous and tastes even better! These cakes are frosted in the middle but not around the sides, and then loaded with fresh fruit or other goodies. I haven’t made one yet, but trust me, it’s on my very urgent to-do list;) They actually look so pretty I wanna cry…

Back to some savoury stuff, I love me some curry, so imma share some curry. I like eating spicy. The kind that burns your insides and makes you sweat like being in the sauna in the middle of the desert. Yup, painful but so good too. My highlight of the year is Prik Khing curry that I tried in Australia. So frickin’ good. Crunchy, spicy and gingery…heaven. I haven’t gotten my hands on it back home but I am on the lookout!!

Hope you give these recipes/foods a try, cause I totally wanna right now:)

x C


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