My 2015 TV show favorites

Hello Everybody!

So I wanna start this tag of with one of my all time favorite TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory.

Quick summary: Basically TBBT is a show about 4 highly intelligent Nerds, trying to become more integrated into society. This starts of because ‘Penny’ moves in across the hall of Sheldon and Leonard. The entire show revolves around TV Show references, Comic Books, and the social incompetence of Sheldon Cooper.

I love the Big Bang Theory and I have every since I watcher the 1st episode almost a year ago. I have seen the first 8 seasons about 50 000 times and I am anxiously awaiting the moment the 9th season goes onto amazon prime (one thing about me: I refuse to stream anything – in my head as soon as I click on that “watch now’ button, a squat team is going to show up at my house, arrest me and put me on death row)

I recommend TBBT to pretty much anyone who is looking for a sitcom with some story behind it. The episodes don’t build on each other and different to other TV shows (*cough* How I met your mother *cough*), the quality does not go down throughout the seasons.



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