I am Charlie.


Hi, my name is Charlie and i’m a high school student. Which sucks, big time, cause you know, it’s high school. Rather than studying or doing anything productive I like to watch too many tv shows (29, and still counting!), read several books in a seriously small amount of time, get excited over food like a 2-year-old and listen to anything that was “hip and cool” 50 years ago. And I also like to pretend i’m a fictional character, which is totally cool y’know.

I probably look like a menacing giant, ready to plan a murder, but honestly, I hide behind my hair. I’m awkwardly tall and stand out in a crowd, much to my dismay. I also have a creepy habit of zoning out, whether a person is talking or not. I’ll just look over your shoulder and stare at nothing.

My goals in life are: to eat without getting fat, actually become a fictional character, meet Elvis (cause that won’t be hard) and get to a point in my life where I own 20 dogs.

Let’s get back to books. I’d be down to read anything, so I won’t bore you by writing down every genre of book. I especially like crime/thriller books, and by the rate i’m reading them i’ll be able to commit mass murder without anybody knowing. Ever. On the complete other hand, i’m a sucker for romances. Yup, boy meets girl, they fall in love. Especially when the guy is a total douche and super badass. Those are the best ones.

Here i’ll share every book I read, reviewing it, so you can read till 3AM too:)

But no, i’m not done yet, I will also torture you with many, many pictures of food to drool over. Your welcome in advance.

So yeah, have fun on our blog:)

x C



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