I am Scarlett

Hello Everybody. Welcome! My name is Scarlett. Wassup? I am 16 years old and obsessed with books, TV shows, Movies, Music and pretty much anything else that keeps one from interacting with other people. I live for the smell of coffee early in the morning and the sound of rain when falling asleep.

If you want to spot me in a social group, just look for the awkward person standing at the side, probably balancing on one leg, glancing longingly at her bag, waiting to return into the universe of her newest book.

My High-school, is pretty much like any high school. We have the popular kids, jocks, nerds, and (excuse my language) female-dogs. Personally I would classify myself as a sporty nerd. I love sports, and I keep my grades up. (Mainly because ‘studying’ is a valid excuse not to interact with people)

On this blog, my sister Charlie and I will share our passions, obsessions and anything else that normal people would call ‘weird’, with the world. We will tell you about the newest books we read, our favorite music atm, and probably a lot of TV show quotes and stuff you didn’t even know you cared about.

Enjoy your stay, here in our ridiculous, peculiar world, we hope you enjoy it!






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