My 2015 Food Favorites

Hello Everyone!

In 2015, I made the switch the vegetarianism, which of course forced me to make a lot of changes in my diet plan. Whilst some of these changes were rather painful (Because lets face it, meat tastes great) I would not go back for anything. (btw: s.o. to my parents for being super awesome and supportive of my dietary restrictions)

What I currently mainly live of are sandwiches. The fact that you can just throw together some toppings and make something new and delicious is fascinating to me every time. My usual dinner sandwich simply consists of whole-wheat bread, camenbert (its a cheese), tomatoes and salad.

The second thing my diet is now placed based on are spaghetti. My favorite sauce is a simple tomato sauce with onions, garlic and canned-tomatoes. It is quickly made and tastes amazing every time.

Lastly – if anyone needs a good ‘evening with friends’ food, I would recommend Mexican fajitas. You can either make them with chicken (for all you meat eaters out there) or just with sour cream, salad, tomatoes, beans and cheese. They taste amazing and are a nice change from all the bread I usually eat.



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