My 2015 Music Favorites

Hello Everybody!

2015 was musically my most diverse year ever. I went from fingerling over 5sos to rapping along with Eminem and ended up with the emo trinity.

At the end of 2015, I got really into fob and tøp. I tried to get into mcr multiple times, but their style is just too me for my taste. I hate picking favorites out of things that are all pretty fabulous. Yet right now my favorite song is probably “We don’t believe what’s on TV” by tøp.

If anyone is looking for really good music to listen to whilst doing homework, I will recommend “Made in the A.M.” by one direction. (I am a directioner go ahead, hate me). I love their music, and I find it fades into the background white nicely.

Otherwise, I need to say that “From under the Cork Tree” by fob is probably one of the best albums ever made in the history of music. In my opinion basically every song on there is worth being a single.

Have a great day!



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