Common Cold – A survival guide

Hello Everybody!

Coughing, sneezing and feeling like sh*t. Remind you of anything? Ah right the common cold *evil glare*. Personally, I hate being sick. As I actually genuinely enjoy eating healthy and working out, the idea of sitting around for days, doing nothing except eating and taking chemicals is my personal hell. Yet at the same time, I can not be bothered to dress properly for the weather and therefore get sick A LOT. Now let me just share some of my personal (bad + good) experiences

First symptoms:

*cough* *sneeze* *nose runs* “Oh ish, I think I’m getting sick”                                                         When feeling the first symptoms of a cold, my first fool proof tip is to sit down and cry. JK. When first feeling like you are getting sick, avoid public situations. Stay home, make hot tea with honey. (And drink it whilst its hot, it won’t help otherwise) Drink chicken broth (Or other soups). And most importantly, tie up your hair huddle up under 5 sweaters, put on a hat and a scarf and if you don’t look like a total freak then, I hate you.

Full on sickness:

Once you are fully and entirely sick, you are lost, your only possibility is to accept your soon death and plan your funeral!

Whilst being sick sucks, it does give you one privilege: The right to moan and command everyone around you. Make them make you food, bring you your medicine, watch TV with you and basically turn them into your personal slaves. When you are full on sick, the best way to pass time is to watch TV. Last time, I binge watched 5 seasons of ‘Bones’ in 4 days.


Apart from the fact that my tips are of course absolutely  non-helpful, I hope to have brightened your sickness-stricken day!





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