The Lux Series

Hey y’all!

I’ve been reading the lux series this past week, and i’m currently on the third book (Opal) and there are five books in the entire series. The author of this series is Jennifer. L. Armentrout.


When I started reading the first book (obsidian), I absolutely loved it!!! The reason is that I adore mean, mysterious, bad boy jerks like Daemon (who is the love interest, and sooo attractive!), I inhaled every page where Daemon and Katy (the main character) interacted.

The series about the new girl, Katy, who just moved to West Virginia, and moved into a house right next to the twins, Daemon and Dee. She befriends Dee and they soon become very close friends. This pulls Katy into Daemon and Dee’s big secret. That they are aliens. Yup, so-called “luxen”.  And, then, of course, something bad has to happen, so the book has an interesting plot. Which I won’t talk about, because it would ruin the entire book for you!

So, if you like bad boy meets good girl who then have to deal with supernatural problems, this is the book for you! Have fun reading:)

x C


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