The Mortal Instruments

Hello Everybody,

Today I wanna talk to y’all about one of my all time favorite book series; The mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare. The books revolve around the 16-year old Clarissa Frey and her ‘love interest’ Jace. Yet for a change the books are more than the usual ‘He loves me, he loves me not’ love drama. They have tension, action, plot twists and humor.

This, I have to say is one of my favorite ‘modern day’ book series. The humor in the books (especially the first one) is impeccable and Jace is such a hottie. (The whole ‘I am a huge player thing is just so attractive).

Unfortunately, (or not depending on your viewpoint) the series is quite long, but Easter break is coming up, so get a blanket, make yourself a cup of  tea/coffee and hide out somewhere with a copy of City of Bones (1)

Oh and just a word of advice: Get the books in paperback – you will throw them across the room…


I hope you have a great day!!!!



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