How to Get Away with Murder

So, when you have killed the person, you have to get rid of the body. Firstly, you….

Just kidding…

This post is about the Tv Show How to Get Away with Murder. That joke was pathetic, I know….oh well.

So, about this tv show: mystery, romance, a whole lotta death and complications make up this show. It’s not just about a group of students who were hired to work for their professor, who is actually a real life lawyer, but no it gets better. They murder someone (I won’t spoil it!) and then they have to prove it wasn’t them. Getting interesting, am I right?! This show is a definite must for crime and mystery lovers. It keeps you on your toes, clicking episode after episode. I’m still only half way through the first season, but I can already tell you, that it has been an emotional roller coaster already. So folks, get watching!!

x C


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