Donald Trump (A Rant)

Hello Everybody!

Today I want to discuss a rather diverse topic with y’all: The Presidential campaign and most of all our favorite meme: Donald Trump.

Donald Trump eww

Before I start I should mention a couple of things:

  1. I am not american, I am not allowed to vote, this is just my opinion
  2. I am a feminist, I fight against racial discrimination, lgbtq+ phobia, etc.
  3. I am okay with you having a different opinion than me, I am not okay with you being an asshole about it. Okay? Okay.

Okay so lets take a trip down memory lane of all the things trump has said and all the things he stands for:

  1. Trump has publicly made fun of a female reporter who had previously asked questions he was unable to answer and said something along the lines of: “Her period blood was flowing out of her eyes and mouth”
  2. He wants to depart Mexicans/ build a wall between Mexico and the USA
  3. He has imitated and publicly shamed a handicapped reporter
  4. He is a populist, and gains votes by shocking people, yet he seems unable to answer any questions about his plans towards problems like the refugees, Syria etc.
  5. He wants to mark all Muslims
  6. He stated he would date his own daughter if she wasn’t his daughter

This was just a small insight into Donald Trump’s headache inducing presidential campaign


My opinion:

In my opinion Donal Trump is the kind of person I would like to meet in a dark ally. Simply because it would probably be the only way for me to tell him what I think of him without getting eye cancer from having to see his face. Okay, kidding aside, I think it is a true sign of how underdeveloped humanity is that someone who publicly shames woman, homosexuals, Mexicans and Muslims is allowed to run for president in one of the biggest and most influential countries of the world. Donald Trump deserves to be locked up in a psychiatry, in order to clean out his obvious issues and maybe understand that we live in an equal world. If this man becomes president, than here is to all my fellow americans: Germany already took over 1 million refugees, we will welcome you with open arms!


PS: Whilst I will not hate you if you support Donald Trump, do not expect me to be nice to you… EVER


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