Sundays with Scarlett

Hello Everybody!

Today I am back with another ‘Sundays with Scarlett’ in which I tell you what has happened throughout my week!

So let’s go!

TV Shows/Movies:

So since I spend most of my week in Italy without very good Internet, I went way back and watched a lot of my old DVDs; especially: FRIENDS

I have recently finished season 6/10 and I am absolutely in love with it. The comedy is timeless and wonderfully weird. And as a little extra you get to enjoy the wonderful 80s fashion ❤



Since I spent a lot of time photographing on my phone, it was constantly out of battery, forcing me to listen to Charlie’s music…

This is how I really got into Queen – some of my favorite songs include:

-Crazy little thing called love

-Bohemian Rhapsody

-Good old-fashioned Loverboy


As we all know, Italy has the ‘Creme de la Creme’ of food. Since we were very close to the Hometown of Pesto; Genova, we spent a lot of time consuming the green bliss. (Ligurians serve it with beans and potatoes).

I also really got into ‘Affogato’ , which is ‘Crema’ (cream) Ice-cream which gets served with a hot espresso poured over it.

It is one of the most delicious things ever and definitely something I will make at home!


Whilst I did not have a lot of time to read, I did start a book called ‘Never kiss a bad boy’, which I am not particularly far into – According to Charlie it does not turn out very prude though 😉

I also started reading the lux series, which Charlie previously reviewed – Short comment: AMAZING

Lastly, I am also reading the second book of the ‘Sweet’ series: Sweet Peril

The First book was very good and the second book is too – but be prepared, you will need those tissues!


Have an amazing (hopefully sunny) day!




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