The Winner’s Curse Trilogy

Hey y’all, long time no see. I’ve been traveling around with not enough time to post. But now, I have more time so let’s see if I can get posting regularly again;)

This week’s post is about the history fiction (I wanna call it this, but I don’t really know) series “The Winner’s Curse”by Marie Rutkoski. The following books are called, “The Winner’s Crime” and “The Winner’s Kiss”. Absolutely. Amazing. Seriously, I don’t know how i’m supposed to describe this series. It’s not just a book you read, you don’t just read the words. You have to think ahead, while reading it. That probably wasn’t the best way to put it, so i’ll try again… The conversations between the the characters are puzzles, you have to read every single word carefully to understand what’s going on. After a while, you’ll see how characters disguise their actions with words, and it’s actually a lot of fun reading along and trying to guess what they’re up to. Marie Rutkoski also uses a lot of challenging words, and even though I know many words, I had to look up at least one on every page. So just keep in mind that it is written at a higher level, but please don’t let this intimidate you and just give it a shot.

Other than the amazing writing style, there’s an amazing romance and of course a plot and such. Yup, gotta have some romance in there. Kestrel (the main character) and Arin (also a main character, and the love interest), meet in a disturbing situation, so you know, a slave market. Cause that’s the place to meet apparently. I don’t want to spoil too much, because I think reading a book for the first time without knowing much about it makes it even more enticing to read. The plot takes place in a Medieval kind of time, and portrays a place we do not know, with different cultures and people.  All you really need to know is, there’s mind games, card games, a rebellion and more mind games. So a must read, obviously.

Keep me updated if you get a chance to read it, because I definitely enjoyed it!

x C


3 thoughts on “The Winner’s Curse Trilogy

    1. It does! I had the same problem when I started reading it because it just felt so slow and boring, but I continued reading because I had no wifi and had to read that or nothing:0 I think it starts getting better towards the end, because I then bought the next book and really enjoyed it! Once you get the hidden meanings and start catching on on the secret plans, it gets really exciting! I love the last book the most! x C

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