25 Facts about Scarlett

Hello Everybody!
So since I could not come up with anything creative of any kind, I just decided to the possibly lamest thing possible: A 25 facts post 😛

So I am just gonna force y’all to pretend to care about myself!


Lets go!

  1. I am 16 years old
  2. I have been playing the guitar since 8 years – I still suck at it
  3. I hate mornings and I hate people – morning people are my worst nightmare
  4. I do not like anime
  5. I do love japan though and I am currently learning Japanese
  6. I spent a lot of my time playing chess with Charlie
  7. I enjoy doing homework (I know I am weird)
  8. I love Ian Somerhalder more than I love myself
  9. I speak German and English fluently
  10. Karate is my one true passion
  11. Sunset orange is my favorite color
  12. I am terrified of coming late; EVER
  13. I am actually somewhat intelligent and have a n incredible dislike for stupid people
  14. For my art I chose music in school, and I absolutely regret it
  15. I watched the first 8 seasons of The Big Bang Theory about 50 000 times
  16. I have a resting b*tch face
  17. My two favorite bands are Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots
  18. I do not like movies
  19. I do like TV series though
  20. I am one of those weird people who enjoy running
  21. I am a vegetarien
  22. I love studying – but I hate school due to the people there
  23. When I laugh I sound like a hyperventilating seal
  24. I read Harry Potter in (the) 3rd grade and after that I just kinda never stopped reading
  25. I hate broccoli – Broccoli is the source of all evil in this  world, it is the reason we are all gonna die

I am sorry I made y’all go through reading this!

I am going to be now because I am working ahead on my posts and it is 0:30 right now and I am actually about to fall asleep!

I hope y’all have a fantastic day!



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