The Love Story That Shouldn’t Have Been

“The Love Story That Shouldn’t Have Been” by Melissa Grijalva, firstly will now be called TLSTSHB, cause i’m too lazy to write all that when I write about it… and secondly it’s unbelievably beautiful is all I can call it. Essentially an angry chick and mysterious guy romance. Yeah, it’s interesting. It’s more than a romance though, the main character Dellia, has a secret that you (the reader) and she herself don’t know about until closer to the end. That secret totally blew me away and made the book so special that I need to share it with you! Also, the romance isn’t your typical “hot, muscular footballer” and “blonde cheerleader” story, but a romance between two polar opposites. This makes it interesting to read because it isn’t predictable. Additionally, the love triangle at the beginning is hilarious, and totally didn’t turn out as I expected.

The writing style is a big childish and not professional, I would say, and it needs a bit of getting used to. It does get easier to read though, so don’t give up!! It is a diary type writing though, reflecting Dellia who just is angry and acts that way.

I’ve read the book twice now, and enjoyed it both times, so you should give it a try! 🙂

x C


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