Liguria (+ Summer Plans)

Recently, Scarlett and I went to Liguria, specifically Moneglia, Chiavari and Sestri Levante, to see the places I will be going in the Summer. Becauseeee i’m going to Italy to improve my Italian! I went last year for two weeks, and it was absolutely incredible. Of course, I was super scared and didn’t leave my room if I didn’t have to, which made socialising and getting to know my host family a little trickier. But this year, i’ll get out of my shell and be social….I hope. This year, i’m going to my host family for 2 weeks, in Chiavari.



Later on, i’m staying in Sestri Levante for 3 and a half weeks in a convent. Yup, a convent, gonna be exciting, i’ll keep you updated. And after that, i’m staying in Moneglia for one week with my family as a family holiday in the hotel we’ve been going to for 7 years or so. Hopefully, i’ll be able to work in the kitchen sometimes to learn how to cook Italian from the professionals, because their food is AMAZING.


Gnocchi in cream sauce

image3 copy.JPG


It’s the first “independent” thing i’ve done in my life, so staying in a different country by myself, staying with strangers, going to school myself and speaking Italian without my translator (my mom;)). It’s definitely exciting and scary, but I encourage all you teenagers out there to be part of an exchange, because it will be an amazing experience, loads of fun and it will also look great on your CV. Universities/colleges dig cultural people. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends, try new foods and to see different cultures.

image1 copy.JPG


x C


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