The Nazi Officer’s Wife

Hello Everybody!

This is a book, very close to my heart. Being half-german, I am somewhat responsible for the horrible crimes committed by my ancestors. Of course I didn’t commit any of these crimes and neither did my parents, but I doubt this feeling of being guilty will never completely fade. Therefore it is best to know as much about the Holocaust and the 3rd Reich as possible.

This book revolves around a young jewish woman, and her way through WW2 and the DDR. We follow the protagonist through her childhood in Austria and into the labor camps after Austria was stormed by the Nazi’s. We follow her to Berlin, where she falls in love with a young Nazi officer. The man marries her and helps her get fake papers. She survives the war, protected by her wits and her loving husband, and divorces him after the war, since he acts badly (he is a giant ass), when she shows her real face. We follow her to England and into the ‘happy end’, which still isn’t all that happy due to her scars, caused in WW2.

I loved this book due to its unique kind of narration and really enjoyed reading every word of it. It was horrible over long parts and I cried reading it. But if you are interested in history, it is definitely a must read, from a 1st person perspective.


THE NAZI OFFICER’S WIFE, Angela Vetter, Edith Vetter, 2003

This book is especially important right now, in a world in which Donald Trump might become president, in which a ‘Nazi party’ got 24.4% of votes in 1 german state, and in which terrorists are bombing people who didn’t do a thing in their life!

Please be inspired to be your best self everyday and inform yourself about what is going on around you, since only knowledge can kill ignorance.

Lot’s of Love!



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