New Girl

Hello Everybody!

I LOVE NEW GIRL! I just needed to make that clear right at the beginning. I watched the first 2 seasons in less than two days. I kinda stopped along the 3rd season because I got somewhat bored. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start watching it again another time!

Basic Story:

The main character, the eccentric Jessica Day, found her boyfriend cheating on her. And since she is sick of living with her model, best friend, moves in with 4 guys in a shared apartment. Coach, the ex-basketball player and personal coach, Schmidt, the ex-fat now player, Nick – the grumpy ‘normal guy’, and Winston, the young basketball player, that takes over coach apartment after he leaves. (Which is not a spoiler since it legit happens in episode 2, season 1.

The story accompanies Jess through her crazy life with the 4 guys and shows her hilarious problems in romance, her job and her friendships.

This show is a classic comedy, but amazes me over and over again in its inappropriate weirdness!


Jessica Day


(grumpy) Nick







Lot’s of Love!


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