Baking/Cooking Youtube Channels I love!

Hey y’all! This is probably the first thing I do when I get home. Check Youtube for new baking videos (and Zoella vlogs, but that’s another story;)), even when i’m dieting like right now… Today, I thought i’ll share my favorite channels for all you foodies out there:)

  1. How To Cake It – Yolanda Gampp

This is my absolute favorite channel!!! I check everyday for new videos even though she only uploads Tuesdays! She is somewhat a perfectionist and I love how precise and perfect her creations are. I think they’re really pleasing to watch. She makes cakes that are unique and that I, personally, have never seen before and they always look awesome!!

2. CupcakeJemma

I love love love this channel! Jemma has a store in Soho, London (so if you live in London or near London, go there immediately!!!) called Crumbs and Doilies. She usually films in her store and creates diverse and interesting recipes which are easy to make and look great! I also adore her look, tattoos and all:)

3. Nerdy Nummies – Rosanna Pansino

This is a channel where I love watching the videos, but probably won’t make any of the recipes because they usually don’t have a lot of flavour, they just look cute. I do love watching Ro making them, and her creativeness in the recipes. All of her recipes are video game and fantasy based, so maybe a channel for gaming foodies!

4. SORTEDfood

This channel is just plain amazing. You have several british dudes cooking (and baking) delicious foods full of flavour and variety (?) while playing a game like the ultimate food battle or the FridgeCam. They’re hilarious, cute and have amazing accents, so why not watch their videos??

5. MyCupcakeAddiction – Elise

These are the videos I watch when I have chocolate or candy cravings, because Elise makes amazing desserts with both those things in masses!! Like gigantic candy bars or decadent cheesecakes (specifically talking about this Toblerone Cheesecake). Watch her videos and you’ll be drooling!

That’s all I have for you today but go ahead and check out these Youtube channels to satisfy your cravings or inspire you to get baking/cooking! Hope you give some of their recipes a try!

x C


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