Legend (the Legend Series #1)

Hello Everybody!

How is everyone? So I am currently on a reading streak. I have those times, at which I can not read a book for the life of me. And then i have times, at which I will eat books up and swallow them whole. Right now it is the latter.


So yesterday, I decided to procrastinate for once, and read ‘Legend’ by Marie Lu in one sitting. I bought this book years ago and back then, it was too challenging for me to read. Looking back at that, I am somewhat disappointed in myself for being so horrible at speaking (and reading) english.

The book is fairly easy to read and the story is quite catchy. Basically…

June is a prodigy. She is the only one who ever scored 1500 points on her trial. She goes to the best university of the regime. She finished in half the amount of semesters normal students need and is a known trouble maker. She is the jewel of the regime. Day is a criminal. He failed his test and escaped the labor camps. He is known for sabotaging several regime jets and vandalizing throughout the entire regime. Yet, Day also has a cause. He has a family to fight for. When confronted with one another in this world of chaos, the teens must decide what is really important to them…

My opinion:

I loved this book. It is the 1st book in a long time that I read in just one sitting. The main characters are adoring and I immediately fell in love with them. The book is quite easy to read, since it only has 307 pages. (My copy at least) and the dystopian setting of the story gives it a sort of edge, that is missing to a to of other romance novels. Over all, I really enjoyed reading legend, and can’t want to get my hands on Prodigy (the 2nd book)

Lots of love!



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