The Sugar Hit! (Book purchase)

Hey y’all! You’ll probably get these kinds of posts more often, in the future, because I don’t just buy them and then bake a couple recipes out of them and then put it away on a shelf. I will actually read the entire thing, as in the ingredient lists and all.. It’s a foodie thing, I guess. As i’m on a diet right now, I can’t actually make any recipes at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from reading baking books and making me ridiculously hungry! 😉


So, back to the book, The Sugar Hit. The Sugar Hit is from Sarah Coates who has an amazing blog that you have to visit immediately, like right now!! (click here) She makes some of the most, fun, unique and delicious foods I’ve ever seen, so it’s worth checking out her blog:)

The book has six chapters: breakfast & brunch, coffee break, healthy junk, midnight snacks, party time and happy holidays. Below I’ll mention a few recipes that I like, so you’ll get an idea what’s in the book:)

Giant Cinnamon Bun – Ummm, amazing?!?! The picture makes me want to drool and I’m so excited to make this!

Homemade Tim Tams – If you’ve never heard of Tim Tams before, they’re an Australian cookie which consists of two chocolate malted biscuits and a chocolate frosting in the middle, which is then covered in chocolate. They are absolutely amazing. I had them when I visited Australia last year, so I can’t wait to make them with this recipe!!

Brown Rice Pudding with Roasted Strawberries – This was listed under “Healthy Junk” and it sounds absolutely delicious! I would probably make this for Breakfast on the weekends.

Drownie (Brownie Affogato) – This is the ultimate chocolate and coffee lover’s dream! If you’ve never heard of an affogato, it is an espresso served with vanilla ice cream, where you just plop the ice cream straight into the coffee. So an affogato on a brownie? Mouth-watering.

Epic Candy Bar Layer Cake – Omg, if you could see the picture, you would faint. This is, as the name already states, epic. Loads of candy bars, chocolate cake, caramel and frosting, this is to die for…

Peppermint Arctic Roll – This is Christmas in a cake. Super festive, perfect for the holiday season. Definitely making this around Christmas this year!

So, these are a few recipes that I am so excited to make, and I’ll keep you updated on them, probably posting them all on here!

x C


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