Rebecca (Scarlett’s Classics 1)

Hello Everybody!


I am coming back to y’all with a new kind of post. One of the things you should know about me is that I really enjoy reading classics! Jk I so do not. Yet there are some that I really did enjoy. One of them is definitely Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

The story revolves around the nameless main character, who escapes her menial job by marrying Maxime de Winter. Yet when she goes back to his well-know mansion; Manderley, something seems off. The house is filled with memories of Maxims first wife; Rebecca. And apart from the scary housekeeper; Mrs. Danvers, nobody seems willing to tell her about the 1st Mrs. de Winter.

Whilst the book has some long passages of the protagonist whining, which can be very annoying (I did want to strangle her at one point) you will most definitely not regret reading it. The book was also turned into a movie (with the same name) but I have never seen said.

I really hope I might have been able to help y’all if you need to read a classic for e.g. English class…

I hope you have an amazing day!





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