Low Carb Schnitzel

Hey y’all!

I’m back with another low carb recipe! As my diet is continuing, I’ve been experimenting with turning foods I love into low carb versions. As I live in Germany, I eat Schnitzel quite a lot (because it’s amazing) and I thought, “maybe I can make a low carb version”, so here it is:) Instead of using normal flour to coat the meat, I used a mixture of almond flour and flour made from flax seeds. And for the bread coating, I substituted the bread crumbs for bread crumbs of my low carb bread (recipe here!). I’ll explain how I turned the bread into bread crumbs below!


This Schnitzel tastes amazing and near to identical with real Schnitzel, AND it’s healthier, so give it a try whether you’re dieting or not!

x C

Recipe (for 3 Schnitzels):


  • 3 turkey schnitzels (this just means that they’re a bit thinner than normal, to make it easier to cook and so that there’s an equal balance between meat and crunch)
  • 4 tablespoons flax seed flour
  • 3 tablespoons fine almond flour
  • a generous pinch of salt
  • pepper
  • paprika powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 6 tablespoons bread crumbs
  • vegetable oil
  • lemon


  1. Prepare 3 large plates (so the turkey schnitzels fit). Mix almond and flax seed flour in the first plate, add the salt, pepper and paprika powder and mix them all together. Crack two eggs and whisk together in the second, and spread out the bread crumbs evenly on the third plate.
  2. Place the first schnitzel in the flours, wiggle it to get the excess flour off, then place it into the second plate with the eggs, and coat it. Then onto the bread crumbs, make sure to cover the entire schnitzel. Repeat twice with the other schnitzels.
  3. In a large pan, pour in a generous amount of oil and put the heat on high. Place the first schnitzel in and let sizzle on both sides for two minutes each or until browned, turn down the heat and let it cook through for another 3-4 minutes on both sides. Repeat with the other two schnitzels.
  4. Place them on a plate with a paper towel underneath. With another paper towel, pat of the schnitzels to get rid of the excess oil.
  5. Serve with a slice of lemon and a salad (if you’re going low carb) or with fries/potatoes.
  6. Enjoy!


Low Carb Bread Crumbs:


  1. Simply take 3 slices of the low carb bread (for this amount, you get enough for the recipe above), and put them in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius until crisp, but not burnt. About 15 mins for me, but the time can vary. The bread should feel firm to the touch.
  2. Place in a freezer for 10 mins, then place in a food processor (break the bread into pieces, to make it easier) and blitz until you have small crumbs.
  3. And ready are your low carb bread crumbs!






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