Objects from Books that I need

Hello Everybody,

So I saw this post on The Girl With The Boots Blog. And it made me want to do it as well. So now let me present the totally now original and absolutely copies “Magical things from books that I totally want in real life”

  1. The Faery rings  (The mortal Instruments)

The Faery rings from the mortal instruments were something I was in love with from the very first second. They allow the two people who wear them to communicate telepathically. The amount of things you could do with these rings in real life. Just think Special agents don’t need to talk  – THEY CAN JUST THINK TO EACH OTHER. Or on another note – Think tests, cheating was never easier :p


2. The Firebolt (Harry Potter)

The dream of flying is one we all share. And what would be cooler than flying around on a magic broom whilst chasing flying balls. Okay a lot of people would disagree with me on this, but in my opinion: NOTHING. I love every Quidditch scene ever filmed and the amount of times I rewatched the movies just for those scenes are actually somewhat sad.


3. A wand (Harry Potter)

As you can see, I have somewhat of a genre preference here but the Harry Potter universe just has an incredible amount of beautiful features that I would love to have. And one of them, of course, is a wand. Being able to shoot magic laser beams across rooms to freeze people sounds awesome as it is. But with a want also comes the permission to go Hogwarts and that would so excuse the fact that I didn’t get a letter when I was 11 years old.



So that was it with TOP 3 magical objects I would like to have!

I hope y’all enjoy reading this and I tag anyone who is also to lazy to come up with something this week to do this tag too!

Lots of Love to Y’all



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