Hello Everybody,

Whilst I believe I talked about this show before in my ‘Favorites’ Tag, I do feel the need to tell y’all about this again.

Contrary to what the title might indicate, ‘Bones’ is not a blood-splattered thriller. On the contrary, it is a crime show. The show revolves around Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist. In cooperation with special agent seal booth and her team at the jeffersonian, she solves murders.

The show is a must for anyone who enjoys crime shows and does not have too much of a weak stomach. The images shown are often somewhat gross but one can always just turn away. And the great amount of sarcasm and back story to the main characters is totally worth it.

Quick breakdown of main characters:

  1. Dr. Temperance Brennan:

Dr. Temperance Brennan is the main character of the show. She is a highly rational person, with rather little social skills. She often appears to be tactless or even rude yet she is always on top of what is happening and definitely a lovable character. She is portrayed by the great Emily Deschanel and as she likes to say herself “quite beautiful”


2. Special Agent Seelie Booth:

Special Agent Seelie Both is Brennan’s partner and one of her best friends. He used to be a sniper and is very sensitive on the subject of people he has killed. As a deeply religious man, he is often shocked by the things Brennan says, but throughout the seasons they both start adjusting to one another. He is a lovely person. (And also super hot of course) He is portrayed by David Boreanaz.


3. Angela Montenegro

Angela Montenegro is Brennan’s best friend and an artist. As soon as Brennan arrives at the Jeffersonian, she hires Angela to do facial reconstruction as well as be their tech expert. Angela is the whole packet, witty, funny and pretty. She is a real asset to the show due to her dry sense of humor and her constant support of Brennan. She is portrayed by Michaela Conlin.


4. Dr. Jack Hodgins

Ahh here come back all the childhood crush feelings. I used to totally crush on T.J.Thyne for years. (The show did give me 10 seasons to fall in love with him too). Jack Hodgins is the son of a Millionaire and has inherited all of his families money. He is highly intelligent and his sense of humor is amazing. Yet he is also struggling with anger issues and believes in all kind of conspiracy theories. As the ‘bug and slime guy’ Hodgins plays one of the main roles as ‘squint’ of the Jeffersonian


5. Dr. Lance Sweets

And more feels are coming¬†up. Whilst Dr. Lance Sweets the ‘shrink’ was only introduced during the later seasons, I just had to mention him. He is the adorable youngster of the team, who no one ever takes serious and yet somehow, he always turns out to be right. John Francis Daley (the Actor) forever has a special place in my heart and I will protect him with all I have. (So don’t y’all dare talk smack bout him!)


6. Dr. Camille Saroyan

So last but not least, I should probably talk about Dr. Saroyan. She is the boss of the Jeffersonian team (much to Dr. Brennan’s dismay). She is a very disciplined strict woman, who often likes to be too serious with her colleagues and work, rather than having a bit of fun. She is an essential to the show and Tamara Taylor is such a talented actrice.


Whilst there are a lot more (main) characters, these are my favorites, I hope y’all enjoy my little list!

I hope you have an amazing day!



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