A List of Irresistible Fictional Characters

A.K.A. my fictional boyfriends. I have a lot…These are my top 3 🙂

Hey y’all!

I wanna start this off with a question. Why do we read books? Sure, to avoid life and responsibilities, but why else? Obviously because we get to drool over fictional guys, that make our standards incredibly high in the real world, because they show emotions and talk about them, and cause we know they actually love the girl. I’m a huge nerd/dork, or a nerk as I prefer the term that I made up (ha, suck it Scarlett), and like to say that they are all my fictional boyfriends. And, to answer your question, people do think I’m weird, but I try to hide it in public;)

I read a lot (A LOT) of books and have acquired quite the list of names, especially the names of guys that are evil, sarcastic, bloody attractive and broodingly mysterious. The reason I like them is because I know that even though they are all sorts of evil, they do love the main characters, which means they’re just cute soft lil puppies inside (This still applies to the ones that kill people on a regular basis…) So I have complied a list (yeah, like 3) of guys, that should be seen as an example to boys in the real world.

I do this thing where I imagine the character in my head by the description, and add to it. But, my imagination doesn’t go as far as imagining the character as a whole, so if I try to imagine the face, I’ll just see the eyes and eyebrows and not the nose or mouth. It’s weird, but it works. Also, if I see the casting for a movie/tv show or fan art for the specific character, I’ll forget how he looked like in my head which is really annoying. Example, Scarlett showed me the casting for Jace (the Mortal Instruments) and now I only picture Jamie Campbell Bower (which isn’t that bad though) and can’t think of the appearance I made up. Comment down below if this happens to you too, or am I the only one?

  1. Aaron Warner Anderson (Shatter Me Series)

He will be my number one fictional boyfriend forever, because he is absolutely perfect and no other could ever top him. He is the leader of Sector 45 and holds all the control, and he’s only 19! The thing I like the most about Warner is his BLOODY SOFT SPOT FOR FASHION. I swear that’s like the most attractive thing about a boy. And he doesn’t have that terrible modern style, with the too long white shirts, the black baggy pants and too many snap backs. No, he wears tailored shirts, slacks, a dark green peacoat and most importantly, he isn’t afraid of color. He wears green, purple, blue etc. Not only does he have a soft spot for fashion, he’s vulnerable and truly loves Juliette, he’s overprotective (but not too much), he has green eyes and golden hair (which I imagine to be slightly curly towards the front), and two tats, which isn’t too much, he’s sarcastic and mean. Ok, I gotta stop talking about Warner, onto the next!

2. Rowan Whitethorn (Throne of Glass series)

Yes, yes, yes. First of all, he’s tall, which is incredibly important because I’m really tall too. Long silver hair, which he did cut short later, but I didn’t mind the long hair anyways. Oh, and he’s a faery which is totally cool. He’s grumpy and moody and overprotective and perfect in every way…

3. Kaiden Rowe (Sweet Evil)

Yesssssssssss, this babe! Kaiden is the sexy drummer in the Sweet Evil series, who just happens to also be the son of the Duke of Lust. Yup, lust is his thing. He is bloody charming, sexy, edgy and brooooooooding…;) He teases Anna, knows he can’t like her cause it’s forbidden and he is the Son of Lust so his job is one night stands not relationships. But, ya know, as these books go, he falls in love with Anna and it’s sooooo cute *scrunches face happily*

There might (probably) be another (100% yes) post about this topic, which will be much longer cause I’m super tired right now, and you lot will most definitely be annoyed with me….oh well;)

x C




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