5 Seconds of Summer – Sounds Live feels Live

Hello Everybody!

OMG! I am so hyped (still). I spent my evening yesterday jumping up and down and screaming with a passion I didn’t know I had. Luke, Ashton, Mikey and Calum put on an amazing show and I enjoyed every second of it.


Having spent basically all my savings on this evening I got Soundcheck tickets… which honestly… meh. The Soundcheck basically consists offers freezing you butt of outside of the stadium for 2-10 hours (apparently some girls slept in from of it). Then after 3 hours in the rain, wind and cold, the doors finally opened. Slowly they checked for bombs, weapons etc. and after another hour I was finally in. We got AMAZING vip bracelets and these really pretty cards you could put around your neck. After that we were led into another kilometers long corridor to wait there for some more. At least there it was warm. So after we sat on the floor for an admirable amount of time, I and the approximately other 100 teenage girls were told to row up and wait for the command to move on. So we stood for another 20 minutes and then we were finally allowed to enter the arena and sit down in front of the stage. So then we sit. And we sit. And we sit some more. Slowly voices are starting to rise a whispering where on earth the boys have disappeared to. So after what felt like years, the stars of the day FINALLY appeared. AND OMG THEY ACTUALLY EXIST. Like they are real people that you could touch and hug and OMG. Also: I know they are huge but they looked tiny sitting in from of that tiny stage. They first played ‘Wrapped around your finger’ , which honestly the sound in that thing is so bad. But honestly THEY ARE SO PRETTY! What do I care if the sound is horrible if I can admire them with my own eyes. After that they walked to the front of the stage and sat down to talk to us. Cal had somewhat trouble sitting since the front-of-stage camera was at the point where he wanted to put his legs and just casually filming his crotch. Then a couple of girls who sounded like they were about to die of hyperventilating got to ask questions like ‘If you were a woman for a day, what would you do?’ (#Don’t tell boobs). After I got ignored by the dumb-ass question lady (at least I wouldn’t have a damn accent whilst speaking) they got up and played Long Way Home. And…. that was it.


So then me and my friend (charlie didn’t go with me :() just wanted to buy merch to get kicked out by this old evil man (but I did get my merch). So after freezing our booties of for another 45 minutes we got let back in, ate and found our seats. The seats were rather shitty, considering I payed 110€ for mine. (My friend got a standing ticket right next to the stage for 45€.) Well but the good thing is we sat behind those other two american kids who flew in for the concert and they for so awesome.


So after waiting for over an hour the pre-band played. AND HOLLY SHIT THEY ARE AMAZING. Let me just take this moment to encourage y’all to check out ‘Don Broko’ on youtube, Spotify or itunes! So after they played a couple of songs and warmed up the crowd, they left the stage to announce 5sos. Sadly it took another hour for our favorite boys to actually show up.

I used my time to txt and make horrible puns on Tumblr. Once they showed up. oh dear lord. It was amazing! If this was a youtube video, I would be screaming at y’all but since this is a blog, I won’t but I hope y’all can feel my happiness!

Lot’s of Love (and fangirl feels)




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