Pushing the Limits

Hello Everybody!

So I just noticed that I already wrote a post about the 2nd book of this series but not the first! Yay me and my organisation skills. But oh well, let me tell y’all a story!

Okay so I wrote about Katie McGarry before and I will again now! She is my favorite romance novel author and an amazing woman. And just because I can show of: SHE ANSWERED A FAN EMAIL I SENT HER SUCKERS! Sorry 😀

Okay lets get cracking! Pushing the limits blew my mind. Up to that moment, the best romance I had read was Twilight and honestly… NO!

The story revolves around Echo Emerson. Honor Roll, top of her class, ex-cheerleader and rich dad. Echo seems to be leading the perfect life. But there are parts of her that no one else can see. Like the fact that her bipolar mom has left her. Or that her dad has married her ex-babysitter and that her Brother has died in the Syrian war. Whilst Echo fights through these problems and her every-day life, Noah has very different problems. With his parents dead, his brothers went into foster care. Noah lives with his two best friends Beth and Isaiah. Drinking, taking drugs and fighting to pass in school, Noah now also wants to gain custody of his brothers. When Noah and Echo meet… well nothing happens actually but as Echo is forced to tutor Noah, they come close and find a peace with one another.

This book killed my little hopeless romantic heart. Noahs and Echos love for one another in times  of struggling is one of the most beautiful things ever. This book turned me into a living, sobbing puddle of feels. I can and will shove this book into any and everyones face, because honestly y’all need to suffer with me!





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