Hello Everybody!

Today I wanna talk about Sport. Gosh I can feel y’all hating me already. BUT I LIKE IT *cries because I am such a weirdo*. But seriously, I don’t understand why so many people hate sport – it makes you look good, you can eat more and it helps not to punch people when they are being stupid!

So let’s get to the point! My favorite sport right now is (the title is somewhat of a spoiler) KARATE. I just got my first and second belt (yellow-white and yellow). So having done Karate for over a year, I believe, whilst not being good, I have enough knowledge on the subject matter to tell y’all about it :P. (I am just imagining myself in 20 years, looking at this post and cringing at how naive I was)

Okay so first things first: Martial Arts are a long-term commitment. Its not something you do for a year, and then you can just James Bond-kill everyone. Well NA-AH darling. One of my best Karate – Friends has the 2nd black belt and does Karate since 18 years.

Basic Information: To Karate there are 3 parts: Kata, Kumite and Kihon. Kata is basically fighting against an invisible opponent in a series of defined moves. Starting 2020 (I think) Kata- championships will be part of the Olympics. Basically, whoever finishes the moves the most exact and in the best ‘rhythm’ wins. It’s quite cool. At least when you are good. So not when I do it 😛

Then Kumite is just punching each other. Kinda. Sadly, since Karate is all about control, you are not allowed to actually kick someone in the face, you just have to touch them and then pull your leg back. It is quite cool to watch though because there is a lot of screaming and fast motion involved, which is just very exiting.

Then Kihon is just repeating the basic punches, blocks and kicks. There are no Championships for this. It’s basically just to teach noobs like me how to properly hurt people. Without hurting people.


Equipment you will need to properly train for Karate:

-Gi (the suit we put on – DO NOT CALL IT PJ’s  I WILL KILL YOU)


-Belt – whatever color you have

The belt colors from worst to best:

10th kyu – white belt

9th kyu – yellow-white belt

8th kyu – yellow belt

7th kyu – orange belt

6th kyu – green belt

5th kyu – blue belt

4th kyu – Blue belt (again)

3rd kyu – brown belt 1

2nd kyu – brown belt 2

1st kyu – brown belt 3

1st dan – 10th dan – Black belt, the higher, the better


-Jump rope – they help train your endurance as well as your reflexes


-A boxing sac, if you train for kumite, or just a ‘punching cushion’ (I don’t know what they are called in english ugh)

-Resistance Rope: Basically a rope made out of rubber, which you tie around your waist and some kind of tree or ladder. Then you just kinda continue your little jumping exercise back and forwards and your reflexes and muscles will get stronger since you need to work harder to get the same result

-KWON gloves- They are especially designed for Karate training


Well, I hope I helped y’all with well… CHOOSING THE BEST SPORT ON EARTH

Also little add on: If your family is full of dicks, your dojo will become your second family, which will love you even more, because they see you at your worst and still have to put up with you 😛

Lots of Love!




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