New York Style Cheesecake + Blueberry Topping

Hey y’all!

Let’s talk about this cheesecake, please. Because this cheesecake needs mentioning!!!!

image1-2 copy.JPG

(This is one of the mini test cheesecakes I made)

It is wonderfully creamy, intense in vanilla and citrusy flavour, and that blueberry topping?? It’s so tart yet sweet and pairs beautifully with the creaminess of the cheesecake. (look at the baker language*0*)

I have to admit that the big version of this cheesecake, which still tasted amazing though, kind of failed when I tried to transfer it onto a fancy platter. So, sadly, there’s no picture of that one:(

The recipe I used had many 5 star ratings, yet many 1 star ratings too. I experienced a mix of the two (mainly from reading the ratings) so below, I will write down tips and corrections so you can make this perfectly.


First tip: When making the graham cracker base for this cheesecake, leave it really really dry because the moisture of the cheesecake will give it enough stability (If you have compact graham crumbs. Stop, and add more crumbs so it doesn’t look or feel like wet sand, or it will result in a soggy mess!!)

Second tip: Use a water bath (very important!!), as the cheesecake is baked at a high temperature for 12 minutes at first. This will help avoid any cracking and burnt bits. Also, when baking at the 500 degrees Fahrenheit, keep your eye on it, many reviews said their cheesecake had burnt bits after that stage.

Third tip: When reducing the heat from 500 degrees Fahrenheit, open your oven door so the oven cools down quicker and you avoid burning your cheesecake. But please don’t forget to close your oven door after, either…

Fourth tip: When taking out your cheesecake, wiggle it slightly, it should only jiggle minimally. If it wobbles quite a bit, stick it back in the oven for another 20 minutes or so. (I actually kept mine in for 30 minutes, and then the entire time the oven cooled after I turned the it off)

But yeah, all those “tips” might seem like a lot of work, but honestly, the result is the BEST and creamiest cheesecake ever! Have fun making it!




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