Strawberry Biscuit Cake with Vanilla Pudding

Hello Everybody!

So the other day it was mothers day (at least when I am writing this). And being a loving daughter I absolutely forgot to order a present so I just decided to make a last-minute cake. And I believe it actually turned out quite well.

So today let me teach y’all a thing or two about german baking and show you a (more or less) german strawberry cake!

Let’s go!


For the Biscuit:

6 eggs

175 g (white) sugar

150 g flour

90 g butter

For the pudding:

Dr. Oetger Vanilla Pudding

500ml Milk

For the topping:

At least 12 big strawberries – use more if you want to

Dr. Oetger ‘Tortengus’


  1. Prepare a backing form of your choice, personally I like using a 23 cm springform pan
  2. Butter and flour it
  3. Melt the butter in a small pot – once melted put it aside
  4. Crack eggs and divided egg-white and yolk. IMPORTANT: There can be no egg-yolk in your egg white or the recipe will not work. This works best if you do it with your hands, it will feel a bit weird but its good for your skin… I think
  5. Gently heat the egg yolks in a bain-marie. Add sugar bit by bit while mixing with a hand mixer
  6. Once the sugar and egg yolk have mixed completely take them of the heat
  7. Use a sieve the add the flour into the mixture. DO NOT STIRR
  8. Put the warm but not hot butter on top of the mixture and put it aside
  9. Use a hand mixer to beat the egg-whites until they are hard. It is EXTREMELY important that no fat gets to the egg-whites or they won’t stand.
  10. Once the egg-whites are hard, add a 3rd into the butter-flower-sugar-egg-yolk mix and carefully stir it under using a spoon. DO NOT use a hand mixer or the flour will start sticking.
  11. Add the rest of the egg-whites into the dough and use a whisk to stir it under – the trick to biscuit dough is to get as much air into it as possible in order to make it fluffy.
  12. Put into the oven at 180°C for 30-35 minutes
  13. Take out the cake, take of the form and let it sit under a cloth for about half an hour
  14. Prepare the vanilla pudding in a pot (just follow the instructions people it’s not that hard)
  15. Put a cake ring around the biscuit and spread the vanille pudding on top of it. Make sure to spread the pudding by hand as it will not flow to the edges without help.
  16. Cut the strawberries into slices
  17. Place them on top of the cake in a way that looks a bit like roof tiles (aka let them overlap)
  18. Prepare the ‘Tortenguß’ as the back of the package sais, but instead of using water, use fruit juice. Personally I used rhubarb and it tasted amazing!
  19. Pour the Guß over the cake and let it sit for AT LEAST an hour.
  20. Once it has firmed up, take of the Ring and TA-DA
  21. Guess what suckers… YOU MADE A CAKE

I hope y’all enjoyed this and now LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIMOUS PICTURES OF MY CAKE




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