2 Broke Girls

Hello Everybody,

Wassup? I hope y’all are doing well and are slowly getting ready for summer vacation. Personally, I have finally survived my finals and am now totally ready to finally go swimming and tanning. Sadly school has another idea of ending the school year, which consists of me writing a poem for english class, making a presentation for humanities and fighting the laws of triangles in circles in math. Yay me 😦

Anyways, to escape all of these rather un-nice things, Charlie and I have found a new TV show to binge on: 2 broke girls

The Show revolves around 2 girls, who are fighting poverty: Max and Caroline. Max is a rock-hard girl from a bad background (which I don’t actually know yet), who is used to fighting to get what she wants. Caroline is the daughter of a incredibly rich family, who just lost all of their money. Her father went to jail and she is now forced to work and live with Max. The two girls struggle to make a living and work for their (more or less Caroline’s) dream, to open a cupcake shop.

I love this show for its incredible comedy, which never really seems to stop. I somehow relate to both girls at the same time and love every single one of Maxs comebacks.

I recommend this show to anyone who needs some time of relaxing. You might want to not watch it, incase you get easily offended though. I also really love this show, as the episodes are only 20 minutes long, meaning you can easily squish them in between doing homework or you know sleeping.


I hope I could make y’all day just a bit sweeter!





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