Sundays with Scarlett <3

Hello Everybody!

I am back 😀 And when you read this Charlie and I have finished our finals so yay us. We probably absolutely failed. But its over and we are free and only have like 4 more weeks until summer break. And since the best part about summer break is the unlimited time for books, I have started to buy my summer reading.

So since Charlie is going to Italy all summer long to learn Italian, I am going to North Germany to go swimming, tanning and like EAT ALL THE ICE CREAM. I am also planning on going to Berlin for a week after that, which is like really awesome because I’ve never been there and I am super exited! I am going to work over Summer, in order to make up for all my shopping + book expenses, so I will keep y’all updated on that front (let’s count the days until i accidentally trip, fall into a machine and make the entire firm blow up!)

But now, Summer Reading:

As I read ‘A game of thrones’ ages ago, I have finally managed to buy


by George R. R. Martin, one of the greatest writers of our time.

I also still have ‘The Life List’ by Lori Nelson Spielman, which I have previously tried to read and failed miserably. I am hoping to actually read it, since it has fantastic reviews on Goodreads and Charlie absolutely loved it.

I am still looking for tons of other books to read over summer (as if 2 could suffice to still my thirst for new adventures) but the fact that I am broke, combined with the lack of english books in Germany, has turned this into somewhat of an impossible task.

Now lets look back at the past week musically:

In Music class we are currently play a remix of ‘I want you back’ and ‘ABC’ by the Jackson 5 and its really fun, even though I have to play bass, which I suck at majorly. But honestly, we should go back to the classics more often! I love modern music, and I know there is good modern music, but honestly some things just can’t be replaced.

I am currently also back into Twenty One Pilots because like rap? Without discrimination? Sign me the f up! My favorite songs right now are ‘Migraine’ ‘Fake you out’ and ‘Ode to Sleep’. They are from their 2nd oldest album, but I am absolutely in love with them!



Cooking wise, I have been incredibly lazy this entire week, we went out for thai food twice and tonight I literally had potatoes, which I friend in cheese. Gosh I’m sad, but hey it tasted really good!

Also, I have this really weird obsession with Pizza Cheese. Like you know that really cheap one that you can get in Plastic bags? It is so amazing like omg I could eat it everyday, I don’t care if I will die of Diabetes, I WILL EAT ALL THE CHEESE.

Tv show/Movie wise I have not been very active this week. I am one of those horrible people who hate starting new tv shows, so I will instead just re-watch the ones I have already seen 1 million times.

So I don’t really have any other big news to give y’all.

I hope you have a great day!



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