Dare you to (Pushing the limits #2)

Hello Everybody!

I am coming back to y’all with another Katy McGarry novel. I already wrote about Pushing the Limits and absolutely loved it. It was one of the few books that actually made me sob like a little baby.

Dare you to is the second book in the pushing the limits series. The books switch protagonists through out every book, but the protagonists of previous books always show up again.

The story of Beth and Ryan is beautiful. Beth, the damaged girl with a bad past, with a drug and alcohol abusing mom who’s starting a new life. Ryan, the guy with the ‘perfect’ life. With parents who never stop fighting. A gay brother who got kicked out of the house and a skill for writing that no one ever wants to hear about.

This story is touching and incredibly cute. I can’t do anything but recommend this book to everyone and anyone who loves high-end romance stories! And by recommend I mean:


I’m not exactly sure what to write without spoiling too much. I will just shove the book cover in your face now and tel you again: READ A BOOK


Lots of Love!



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