Bike Trip (Scarletts Perspective)

Hello Everybody!

So Charlie and I just returned from our field trip and decided to blog about it. I am not sure when Charlie is going to upload her version of the events but for now, welcome to my recollection of our bike trip!

So towards the end of the school year, each class in our school takes a 1-week trip somewhere to ‘bond’. This usually means that in the end of the trip, you will like the people you liked before even more and want to kill the people you disliked in the first place.

This year, the ‘bike trip’ was our planned trip. This means that in 5 days, we cycle 320km (~200 Miles) in 5 days. According to our older peers and basically anyone, this is the best trip you ever take in your entire school career. We were therefore really hyped! Being sporty, I already owned a pretty good mountain bike, which I love immensely for its stability and little weight. For charlie on the other hand, we decided to get an e-bike as 1st: We didn’t want her to faint on the first day 2nd: She needed a new bike anyways…

Day 1:

On the first day, we had to be at school at 6 am, meaning I had to get up at 4:50 in order to eat ‘breakfast’, finish packing and then drive to the school. When we first came to school, no one was there. Great. After waiting about half an hour, the teachers (who explicitly told us to arrive at 6) decided to show up with the van, which would transport our bikes behind them. Glad that we were at the right place after all, we gave the (very cool) guy, responsible for the truck, our bikes and found 2 spots in the bus to dump our stuff on. Once that was done, our friends slowly started arriving and the good mood set in. As our grade was split in half for this trip, we were only about 50 people which made the feeling a lot more comfortable and made the process of growing closer a lot easier.

At around 8:30, we finally left the school behind us and drove towards Passau. The two hour drive there was…. What is the nice word for hell? It was so loud in the bus that ow couldn’t hear your own music and Charlie and were really starting to question if we would survive this trip. Thankfully, Charlie had prepared cookies and energy bars (which tasted amazing btw), so food helped us survive the way there.

We were offered to bike 50km or 80km on the first day. I actually really wanted to do the 80km, just because I like challenging myself and the other people who would have done it with me were really cool. Unluckily, I couldn’t get my bike out, as it was all the way in the back of the container, therefore I had to settle for the 50km. So after we drove through Passau, the bus kicked us out at a huge parking lot. Slowly but Surely, we all found out bikes and got ready to start our adventure. Just to make the point of being shitty, the weather decided to start us of with some rain and high humidity, which was not helpful to my already messy hair at all :(.

The drive on the first day was still beautiful though, as it follows the Danube all the way and gives you amazing views of the nature as well as the little german cities at every corner. Charlie and I were at the front of the group most of the time, as most of them were pretty slow and we, well weren’t.

After about 4 hours, we arrived at our Hotel in the middle of nowhere. We were split into our rooms and neither of us got with any of our friends, which really sucked as the people we were with weren’t exactly our favorites in the world. Anyhow, somehow we survived dinner as well as the night and went on to

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2 started of amazingly. The sun was shining from the sky, it was warm and the wind was just slightly blowing. Now, we had to choose between 3 groups: A fast, a medium and a slow group. Personally I chose the fast group, because again, I wanted a challenge. (I also wanted to get away from certain annoying people). Looking around, we were about 5 girls and 15 guys in the fast group, which is pretty awesome.

Starting of, I knew I had made the right decision. The girl, whom I knew best of the girls who chose the fast group in pretty popular but still super sweet. We were talking for most of the morning. The ‘Donauradweg’ is absolutely beautiful, and if you like sports and ever happen to be in Germany with your bike you should most definitely take a week and go on it. On this Day, I also learned how to cycle without my hands (which is really scary in the beginning omg) and I am pretty proud of it now.

We ate lunch near Mauthausen (after touring the KZ – which btw: Depressing, RIP to all those who died there). We had a picnic in the sun and I think I ate half a jar of peanut butter #noshame. We then spent about half an hour looking for the bathroom, until we realized it was right next to the place where we sat and then we continued.

We arrived at the Hotel at around 5 and went to our rooms. Charlie and I were rooming with 3 other people, whom we liked a lot so that was fun. I went with one of my best friends to the swimming pool there and we had the first swim of the trip. The pool was very nice and the entire hotel was actually rather clean and pretty. For dinner we had a menu, which once again forced me to eat noodles – Seriously, why can’t people think of vegetarian options other than noodles and pizza?

Day 2

Day 3:

On the third day we started of with what must be the shittiest of all weather: Humid Rainfall. Packed in our rain gear and with our hoods pulled into our faces the first exercise of the day was to get down a 6 km road of the hill that we were on. After 2 peoples breaks failed and the chain of one of the girls in my group jumped out, we were all rather glad to get out of the rain and visit the smallest theater in Austria.

Afterwards it was back on the bikes AND WAY WORSE THAN BEFORE. In the 15 minutes we spent in the theater, our saddles got absolutely drenched. The bikes themselves thank god didn’t malfunction but the feeling of having your butt slowly but surely drenched isn’t exactly nice…

After about half a day of slowly soaking up water and your fingers crumpling up, the sun finally came out and ate Pizza on a small market place. As Charlie was in the slow group, I spent some time with my new-found friends, and had my 15 thousands Pizza of the week. About 1 hour later, we got back on our bicycles. The sun was now out and I was more than thankful for the 15 tons of sunscreen that my mom had packed for me.

Day 3

Another 40 km and we had finally arrived at the University of Krems. Charlie and I got to share a dorm room and finally had some quiet time. Sadly, this didn’t last long as GUESS WHAT, we went to get Italian food. After the 20s portion of Noodles with Tomato sauce, I felt positively sick and vowed to myself for the millionth time to calm down my eating on this trip. I forgot that vow about 5 minutes later, when I stuffed myself with Tiramisu.

That night was the best one I had up to then, considering I didn’t have to threaten anyone that I would punch them to get them to shut up.

Day 3 ii

Day 4

Next morning, we were planning on doing 50 km. After 2 days of 80 km, one of them in pouring rain, this sounded much like vacation to me. Due to several crashes on previous Days, the ‘fast group’ had now died down to 15 boys, me and another girl. Kinda sad to think about, but I loved it.

The Day started out amazing, the sun was shining, I was actually getting tan, and we were listening to actual GOOD music. (I’m talking Backstreet boys y’all).

Unluckily we did have 1 mass collision, which was entirely caused by the music, which then forced us to turn it of, considering we had 5 casualties in just one crash. The crash happened something like this:

*YMCA comes on*

*Everyone starts dancing*

*1 person falls*

*5 other people fall over 1st person*

*We wait for 15 minutes until 5 people have recovered and the medium group cought up with us*

After that, the day passed in much of  a blur. We arrived at the hostel at around 1. At 2 we were at the lake, ready to throw ourselves into the cool waves. After Charlie pushed me in, I realized that the cool waves were less cool and more freezing and not half as refreshing as I hoped they would be. I then failed multiple times to climb onto one of those blow up figures and finally just went for lying in the grass, tanning with my best friend for some time before we got food and played beach volleyball. (just that, since barely any one us could actually play volleyball, in the version basically anything was allowed).

Day 5

The last day, we were previously told, consisted of but 25 km. I couldn’t have been happier. Whilst my legs were okay, you would not believe how much your butt hurts after cycling for ~  300 km. Unluckily, that was false information. And I, optimistically wearing jeans, got to cycle 40 km, afterwards feeling like someone used my butt to carve a knife.

When we finally arrived in Vienna, the mood was very down. We all loved the trip and were sad that it would now be over so soon. Yet we still had 1 day left before we would go on our 5 hour bus trip back home.

So after eating the probably biggest Pizza on earth, our class was led into the inner city by our teachers and we got to ‘enjoy’ a tour about all the horrible things that ex-archdukes and whatnot did to the people of Vienna.

(Before we did have 40 minute of free time though, a.k.a. enough time to check out the oldest, never renovated coffee of Vienna)

Day 5 iii

I am not going to go into details here, since I was already pretty close to throwing up but let me just give you some key words:

-Buried alive

-Bathing in the blood of virgins

-Using the stuff that came out of dead people as medicine

So I hope y’all enjoyed that part of this travel report 😉

In the evening, we did go to the Prater. The Prater is an all-year amusement park, which has the oldest Ferris wheel (on earth?!) The Ferris wheel, according to rumors, even turned during the 2nd world war.

After we were all tired out (and fed up with bad, expensive food) we did still manage to wreck the reputation of our school by climbing through a window at the hotel at about 2 am in the morning (go us!)

I hope you enjoyed this little travel report, and I didn’t bore you too much with my own life, Charlies version of events is hopefully going to come soon!




PS: Enjoy this pic of me having stolen my friends awesome shirt 😉

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.55.43 AM


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