Top 3 most hated book characters

Hello Everybody!

Welcome back to one of the times I think my opinion is relevant and I make y’all listen to it!
So today, it is the top 3 most hated characters in books… AND GO!

TOP 1: Dolores Umbridge

I remember reading ootp and just thinking ‘you bitch’ on about every page. Dolores Umbridge is probably the only character in the entire series that we despised more than Voldi. We hated her sweet little smile just as much as the damn cat plates on her walls. And let’s face it, even McGonagle and Snape hate her more than Snape hated Harry.


TOP 2: President Snow

Okay, this one is rather a classic. The evil old man with control and most likely serious daddy issues. Okay maybe not, but it would be funny to imagine. Snow was just a dick all the way through the end and actually died because he was laughing his lungs out at his own evil master plan one last time. Well, what can we do, old men just have that evil thing about them…


TOP 3: Severus Snape

Lets get back to Harry Potter! With Snape, most people go through 3 phases:

  2. Never mind, he wanted to bang Harry’s mom, it’s okay 😛
  3. *glares at book*

Personally, it took me a long time to get to stage 3 because I read the books when I was very young and didn’t quite pick up on you know… ANYTHING 😛


I hope y’all enjoyed that!





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