A court of Thornes and Roses

Hello Everybody,

So I just finished A court of Thornes and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. And I am Mind-blown. I read the ‘A throne of glass’ series a long time ago, and was already struck by the skill with which, Maas makes her characters come to life. (I am also super exited for the 5th book to come out on september 6th)

A court of thornes and roses blew me away into a world of faeries, high fae and a war that was not made for humans.

Story breakdown:

Feyre has to take care of her family, as they lost their fortune and her father is crippled. One day in the depth of winter, she is out hunting in the woods, halfway starving to death. As she is about to kill a deer, a gigantic wolf appears out of nowhere. Feyre sees her chance in making a kill and goes for the wolf with an ash arrow.

Two days later a beast bursts into her home, claiming that she has killed a high Fae. The beast offers her the choice of being killed right there or coming with him to his land. As Feyre chooses the latter, the beast, which later turns out to be the High Fae Tamlin, whips her away into a world of high Fae, evil beasts and a war too big for anyone to fight alone.

What I expected:

A mediocre fantasy book with what most likely would be a love triangle and one big plate twist at the end. I expected a week female character that immediately falls into the arms of the next strong male, who’s ready to protect her.

What I got:

The world that Sarah J. Maas created was fantastic. The historic background of the lands who have fought over and over again throughout the years is beautifully explained as Feyre slowly explores the history of her new home.

The main characters throughout the story are mostly very detailed and nicely described. Yet I would have wished for a more complex protagonist, WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR AUTHORS TO WRITE COMPLEX CHARACTERS WITH BOOBS????



I want to recommend this book for anyone who wants to escape this world for just a few hours and make new friends with people so different to those we deal with every day. I want to recommend this book to people who are ready to dream and take just a few hours of their life to experience something good.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars, .5 of which went away for the weak main character, who’s mood swings really got on my nerves at times.


Lot’s of Love,




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