Hello Everybody!

So I am obsessed. Like I am so obsessed, it can’t possibly be healthy. Like all I wanna do is cry. I have started Supernatural before and stopped again fairly quick. The first time I watched it was in 6th grade, which obviously was way to early and I was terrified for weeks and checked the ceiling of each room before I entered it. I tried again 2 years later in 8th grade, and was still terrified. Now I have started again since I finished 2 Broke Girls and needed a new tv show to binge. AND I AM IN LOVE



The brothers Sam and Dean Winchester were still kids when they lost their mother to a demon. Now grownups they have made it their profession to hunt those “suns-of-bitches” down and kill them or send them back to hell.

My opinion:

I have never before liked scary movies or tv shows, but supernatural has made me change my mind. The fast paced action mixed with a lot of offensive humor and 2 smoking hot protagonists makes it one of my all time favorites.


I recommend this show for anyone who is non-religious and not easily offended. It is quite gory at times and season 3 is rated PG18. Yet it is one of the best shows I have ever seen and something anyone should have at least tried!





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